Master how to design website that client will happily pay you for, even without coding

Get the step by step Web Design Training to learn how to create great website and get high paying clients so you can start earning without wasting time
In this Master Class you will learn;

You don't require programming

Why stress yourself with the hustle of coding when you don't have to?

Here are some programming languages and tools that you have to be skilled at if you are to code a website from scratch to finish.

The truth is that it will basically take you a minimum of one month to learn each of those skills, while some of them will take you 3 to 4 months to learn, that’s like a minimum of 9 months  combined for learning web design; which is still very rare. For you to be good at those skills you have to spend about 11 to 20 months of your life learning them.

Coding is good don’t get me wrong, but it needs absolute attention and dedication to learn and a very long period of time to be good at and start making money.

If you insist that’s what you want, then this class is not for you. But if you want to start making money faster in web design then this is a class you can’t afford to miss 

Next price raise

Training fee will increase in the next registration, so just seize this opportunity while registration is still ongoing.

Attention Please!

We only take 10 students per class, and we have just 2 seats yet to be taken. So it’s important you reserve your seat now while registration for the Web Design Training Class is still ongoing before the seats get filled up and before the price increase. You should also note that we hold classes like this once in a while so we do not know when the next class will come up, and there will be another increment the next time we are open for registration.     

Our Web Design Training Fee

The actual cost for this class is N270,000, but you won’t pay anywhere near that. You will only pay N70,000. This is a huge discount that can not be gotten anywhere.

Now, let’s do the Maths.

  • Web design = N100,000
  • How to build an eCommerce shop = N80,000
  • Minimum 3 Graphics Design tools. N20,000 X 3 = N60,000
  • Proposal templates = N30,000

Total = N270,000

plus other bonuses with Social Media Integrations that are not quantified here.


It will be of greater value, and cost saving if you take this opportunity to reserve your seat or register now

Our Class

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